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Qingdao Jinrihui Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
Jiaobei Industrial Zone, Qingdao, China    
TEL:0532-85731220 / 88277163
EMAIL:info@jinrihui-casting.cn / jinrihui.qd@gmail.com

Casting type:
precision dewaxing casting
features : fine surface, smooth finish, accurate dimension, low cost ,etc .

Production cycle: from mould design to finished product within 1 months.
General casting tolerances:
Weight: 500g ±15 g
Dimension: 100 mm ±0.10 mm
Surface finish: Ra3.2

Casting's weight : 0.5g-30kg/piece
Wax injection control parameters:
Type of pattern wax: 162--20 (made in USA)
Temperature : 0--120(wax processing)
Dwell time : 0--180 sec (wax mould making)
Clamping pressure : 0--6.3 Mpa
Soluble wax : reused
Water soluble wax : non-reused
Ceramic core : non-reused
Type of pre-wash: MEK cleaning mixture

Shell making material:
Silicasol: made in China
Zircon: RZM 325 made in Australia
Zircon: RZM 120 made in Australia
Molar powder : made in China

Shell making technology:
Prime coat: RZM325 + silicasol
Sands: RZM 120
Intermediate coat: RZM325 + molar powder200 + silicasol
Sands : molar sands30--60
Back-up coat: molar powder 200 + silicasol
Sands: molar sands16--30
Final seal coat: molar powder200 + silicasol
Shell Drying: Use air-conditioners and chain conveyer belts to control temperature, humidity and maintain even drying.
Dewaxing : Steam Pressure 0.8 Mpa Steam temperature: 170¡æ Time: 8 min

175kw high-frequency fast melting furnace Use Baird 24 spectrograph to analyze and control chemical composition
All kinds of stainless steel, carbon alloy steels, heat-resistant steel, copper alloys and aluminum alloys are sintered according to the requirements of the customers.

Heat treatment: 65kw heat treatment furnace
Chemical treatment: passivated
Sand blasting treatment: high-pressure / low-pressure sand blasting machines
Machining: CNC lathe pouring gate grinding machine vibrating grinding machine 20ton press

Quality control: dimension precision, surface coarseness, chemical composition, mechanical properties, pressure test, etc